What I offer

Scotland will get its independence during the next parliamentary term. I offer myself to contribute to this through activism, providing global experience, and anchoring us in human rights and equality.

Dynamic activism

Getting independence is not going to be easy. The UK government will make it as hard as it was for any country that left the British Empire in the last century.

Polite requests for a referendum are unlikely to work by themselves. They may well ignore any majority in the Scottish parliament.

We need to show we are hungry and determined. Parliamentary procedures alone are not going to bring enough pressure to bear on Downing Street. We will need to engage in fierce and creative activism if we are going to succeed.

The gap between Scottish parliament and the grassroots is too big. I started out as a campaigner in Glasgow and have spent the last few years advising activists around the world about how to further their causes. I now want to help us on our final push to statehood and the possibilities that gives our people and planet.

Electoral politics should be part of the organised movement, not the other way around. If selected and elected, I promise to be campaigner-in-chief within my communities.

Connecting with the world

Countries become independent when other countries recognise them. To achieve that, we need to have done the legwork to build support beforehand.

We can and must do more to build the SNP’s profile in the world. The story of a positive and progressive Scotland being held back by an unpopular and decayed Brexit state will win us more international sympathy. We must tell this story again and again in many different ways.

I’ve operated globally for the last decade. I’ve run campaigns which have won support from the UN and the White House. I’ve trained activists in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I’ve delivered results in varied cultures and settings. I’d love to use this experience for our cause.

Making it about people

We want independence because it will make our people happier and give them better lives. Supporting independence is the most longlasting act of love we show each other.

Freedom and responsibility will give us the power to put people’s wellbeing first, invest in a clean green future, and meet our obligations to help save humanity by 2030.

We must excite the public with this vision rather than spending too much time debating the precise mechanisms of how we get independence. This is how we will get a consistent level of over 60% support for our cause.

Getting new people to believe in the dream is not easy after the misery of an austerity decade.

I’ve got the grounding in communications and human rights to help our message convince the people we have to convince.