To deal with our problems, we’ve got to be honest about them. Child poverty is too high in North Ayrshire. Solving this will guide our actions and make independence even more urgent.
People power is changing the world. It means politicians must change the way they work with party members and the public. Here are some of my ideas. What are yours?
Some of you have been asking questions about how an indy Scotland could create money. Parliamentary tories have also been asking questions about my recent comments.
This explainer goes into it in a bit more detail. I also talk about why all this matters.
Too many of us expect less after a decade of austerity. Yet this is a time of transformative change. Let’s dare to dream.
What are the ambitious or most important projects in your area which we can work on and win together?
Hello to the people of Cunninghame North! We’ve only got a few weeks to get to know each other so here’s some deeper info about me.
Party activists aren’t just about getting votes from the public. A bit mushy this one, but sincerely felt.
The UK Home Office lurches from scandal to scandal year after year. Let’s stop asking for reviews and small reforms. If they can’t treat people humanely, take immigration off them and build something better.
Boris Johnson has decided to go campaing in Scotland rather than head to a luxury villa in a hot country. This got me thinking.
After much hum and haw I’ve decided to try and stand in next year’s Scottish elections. It’s time for statehood and real possibility for our people. Here’s how I may be able to help.