People power

People power is changing the world. Me Too, the climate strikes, Belarus. How everyone came together during the pandemic. It’s people power which will get us independence and make our country the success it will be.

But to do that, the way we do politics must also change. The SNP has more members than any other party.

Back in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon saw the potential of all of us, saying we had “a massive opportunity to transform how we do politics and connect with the people of our country”.

That’s not the way it’s worked out. What I’ve heard from SNP members is that you feel underutilised.

So here’s what I would do about it if you select and elect me.

  1. We will together set targets for the constituency – this could be to do with housing, ferries, bringing in new jobs, helping individual people.

2. We will together work out a plan of how we are going to achieve these things and together go out and get them.

3. We will regularly report back on progress with these big goals.

This isn’t about sending someone off to Holyrood. If you vote for me, it’s the start of a partnership.

I’m not asking you just to stuff envelopes and deliver leaflets, though we will have to do a lot of that. I’m asking you to get involved in something that will put the fires back into the bellies of our people, unite their hearts in solidarity, and drive forward the changes our communities need.