Joint statement by Osama Bhutta and Corri Wilson

As candidates we are committed to a robust and fair selection process and stand ready to answer any and all questions members wish to ask. However, this contest takes place in the shadow of bullying and other serious allegations.

SNP HQ has commissioned an external law firm to look into these allegations. Our preference was that this was concluded before the contest took place so that potential victims could receive redress or accused parties could clear their name.  While this process is active and live, it is inappropriate, in our eyes, for hustings or indeed the process to go ahead.  

Hustings organised by HQ are to take place tomorrow at 48 hours’ notice, which in itself is unacceptable. Given what we know, and as believers in women’s rights, we cannot appear on a platform with someone who is facing such serious allegations. Given the enormity of the charges, it would be wrong to ignore them in the hustings, but the forum would constitute a completely inappropriate power dynamic in which to do so.

We will therefore not be attending in protest. However, we believe it is crucial that the members of Cunninghame North can participate in a fair and open selection contest and to that end we have set up alternative forums for you to ask us questions and engage with us on all the issues that face us. We are available to you and are committed to working towards healing the divisions and hurt in the constituency.


The Top 10 reasons to back Bhutta

You have the power to select Cunninghame North’s next SNP candidate. By our nature, we are a party of change, not status quo. Cunninghame North can do better, and here are 10 reasons you should vote for Osama Bhutta.  This is a transformative election. The next parliament must deliver independence, a fairer society after Covid, andContinue reading “The Top 10 reasons to back Bhutta”