Get involved

Let’s talk!

I’m keen to speak to as many SNP members in the constituency as possible. Tell me about your hopes and your views on local/national/international issues. Ask me questions. Give me your support. Get involved in the campaign. Whatever you like.

Send me a message and we can also arrange a phone or Zoom call.

Please share

I can only win this with your support. If you think I could be useful in parliament, I would be honoured and grateful if you could share my site with other SNP members. Send them an email, Whatsapp them, or fire out my url on your socials. Sharing links are at the bottom of this page.

Stay in touch

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Also, follow me on your choice of social platforms. I do not however Tiktok!

Join the SNP

You’ll be too late to vote in the constituency selections, but depending on when the regional rankings take place, you may be able to vote in them (you need to have been a member for 3 months). Being a member also means you could in future stand for office yourself. We need more people to step forward from a diversity of backgrounds, so I hope you’ll think about this.