Here’s how to be a voter in the SNP selection contest

Selecting candidates is one of the perks of the SNP membership fee you pay. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t voted yet, make a plan. Or better still, do it now!

It’ll only take a couple of minutes. Somewhere in your mailbox, you should have an email from “SNP, National Secretary” on 4th November. It may have ended up in your junk, spam or trash. Try searching for “Mi-voice”. Once you find the email, hit the link and vote. Super easy.

If you can’t find that email, or are missing a postal vote which hasn’t arrived, contact Mi-voice urgently on 02380 763 987 or Have your membership number handy if you can.

You need to vote by this Wednesday 18th November at midday, so don’t delay.

Back Bhutta #1

We vote because we care about our local area and our country. Osama Bhutta wants to use our collective power to revive our town centres, improve our ferries, and bring green jobs to Hunterston. And get us campaigning for the independence which will help all these issues.

With climate change to beat, a pandemic to recover from, and independence on the horizon, we live in transformational times and need a transformational candidate.