We’re ambitious for Cunninghame North

Let’s get North Ayrshire shovel-ready

North Ayrshire can be the hotbed of Scotland’s independence and green revolution. Ayrshire was home to nation shapers like Robert Burns. The next few years will be historic. North Ayrshire can drive forward major national change – and benefit from it.

We need an MSP who can put North Ayrshire back on the map. One ready to build the future, not to live in the past. And for that, I ask for your support in the SNP selection contest.

But first we need to be honest about our problems

  • One-third of North Ayrshire kids live in poverty
  • Third highest area of multiple deprivation in Scotland
  • 40% of Three Towns people are amongst the most multiply deprived in Scotland

This been getting worse. And that was before the pandemic. Plus we need a massive societal mobilisation to defeat climate change before 2030.

These problems require more urgency than they currently get.


Being more animated by our problems will mean we will get independence faster and be ready to make the most of it when we get it. Many of these issues require independence to solve them properly, but there is much we can do before that to prepare.

More money

Current initiatives like Community Wealth Building and the Ayrshire Growth Deal are good. But to end poverty, more money has to enter the system. The job of the MSP is not just to talk up what we already have. Working together, we can be more ambitious and win with the politics of possibility.

Reviving our town centres

Towns like Saltcoats used to be heaving with visitors. They can be again. Health and climate concerns mean people in future will take more holidays closer to home. We must regenerate our town centres to be as attractive to visitors as they once were.

18% of Dalry town centre lies vacant, 13% of Kilbirnie, and 10% of Beith. In Saltcoats, 11% of Dockhead Street is empty. Let’s figure out what our centres should be filled with and get it done.

Green jobs at Hunterston

Hunterston was once where coal was transported for Ravenscraig. Nuclear power is being phased out.  

Tomorrow, Hunterston should be the heart of North Ayrshire’s green future.

Not enough focus has been put on the potential for Hunterston to manufacture and generate renewables.

Hunterston has not been mentioned yet in the new National Planning Framework. I will work with government, Peel Ports, industry, and you, to get us on the map and move us into the future.

Improving ferries and island life

Arran and Cumbrae thrive when they are well connected. There have been too many mishaps with ferries over the years, from the new overbudget ships which haven’t arrived to problems with the new Brodick terminal which local people warned about in advance.

It’s time to properly connect the people with parliament and deliver better results for islanders.

Osama has the drive and passion that we need in the run up to Indyref2, as well as the skills and knowledge required when it comes to issues like the global refugee crisis, climate change and Covid-19

Aidan Phillips, ex-youth officer SNP Largs