The Top 10 reasons to back Bhutta

You have the power to select Cunninghame North’s next SNP candidate.

By our nature, we are a party of change, not status quo. Cunninghame North can do better, and here are 10 reasons you should vote for Osama Bhutta. 

  1. This is a transformative election. The next parliament must deliver independence, a fairer society after Covid, and must beat climate change in time for 2030. Osama has shown he has the ideas and approach to build an ambitious future rather than live in the past. 
  2. Only 10% of SNP members in the constituency think we’re doing enough to campaign for independence locally. Osama’s got the background in campaigning and has talked about how we deliver the Yes vote in North Ayrshire that we didn’t get in 2014 
  3. Before even entering parliament, he has been setting the agenda on things like a Scottish currency 
  4. Global recognition will be crucial for independence and he has global experience working with embassies, foreign ministries and the UN 
  5. He has ambition for our area and believes we can end the abomination of one-third of our kids living in poverty and our people being some of the most multiply deprived in Scotland 
  6. To do this, he has published a plan to revive our town centres, bring in green jobs to the constituency, and sort out our ferries
  7. We live in an era of people powered movements and Osama has the modern participative campaigning approach to deliver these wins 
  8. He has promised free authentic curry for activists in the Cunninghame North SNP campaign rooms! 
  9. It’s been unedifying to see the local party’s divisions in the press. This has been years in the making. Fresh leadership will bring people together. Osama’s managed large teams, and with his background in human rights, has the empathetic approach to remove this risk to the SNP and Yes vote. 
  10. He’s won substantial public backing in the constituency within a short space of time on the basis of people looking at his track record, ideas, and engaging videos

You secured the wins for the party in previous elections. Next door to us, Cunninghame South SNP won more than 50% of the vote in 2016 with a new candidate. We can do the same next year with a new candidate who has ambition and ideas. We have the great activists locally, plus the national party leadership which people want to vote for. 

The identity of Cunninghame North’s next SNP candidate is in your hands. Please use your vote which is now in your mailbox.

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